The AvailabilityGuard service eliminates inefficient manual testing and time-consuming DR audits which unavoidably fail to identify many critical risks, data protection breaches and recoverability gaps. It also helps to free up IT resources as the software performs the audits and provide risk reports. 

At Recovery Assurance we understand that you need to make informed decisions before you introduce a product into your environment.

Therefore we suggest a step by step procedure which will turn inputs into outputs and allow you to draw knowledgeable conclusions about your environment. 

To start your journey to relentless resilience, we follow a few easy steps: 

Step 1:  Diagnostic Health-Check

Your DR & HA Assurance Service begins with a virtually risk-free Health-Check. The software operates in a non-intrusive, read-only mode.

The initial Health-Check software performs is a risk-free assessment of your IT environment for a limited period of time to provide you with the necessary information in the form of a comprehensive report about your environment.  

Our specialist team seamlessly integrate a full version of AvailabilityGuard into your environment, for a fraction of the cost to allow you to test the capability of the software. 

Step 2: Incident Intelligence  

  • AvailabilityGuard initiates scanning your storage, databases, servers and replication configurations for potential risks.
  • Automatic analysis tools and the powerful Gap Detection Engine identify vulnerabilities such as unprotected databases or database partitions, noncompliant replication configurations, data that cannot be recovered to a valid consistency point, to name a few. 

Step 3: Incident Reporting 

After 48 hours you are presented with a full AvailabilityGuard Health Check Report identifying all risks detected by the Health Check. 

Step 4: Procuring your complete version of AvailabilityGaurd

Based on the Incident Report performed through the Health Check, you can now determine which services are at risk, and make an informed procurement decision to acquire AvailabilityGuard.